Where’s the fire?

While in Thailand this past June, my brother and I, along with two of our friends, were planning on getting tattoos. Benzin, our friend who we were staying with that summer, had gone to art school with a girl who happened to be a tattoo artist. She worked out of her boyfriends home, but she was good at what she did and not too expensive. So, after an hour or so of boat rides and taxi’s, we were finally there.

I was the first to get my tattoo because I knew exactly what I wanted, then our two friends went, and finally it was my brother’s turn. He hadn’t fully decided on a tattoo yet, so I sat next to him as we scrolled through Pinterest tattoo ideas, ruling out the obvious “no’s” and remembering the “possibly’s.” Eventually, he landed on one that he wanted without a second thought – he had to have it. Two hours later, he had permanently marked his arm in bold letters with the words,


There are three reasons this quote is much easier said than done:

  1. First, you have to find what sets your soul on fire. I believe everybody knows what this something is, but they may not know the significance of it. You may be aware of what you love or what you would do if you could do anything in the world, but until you understand the importance this thing serves in your life, your search is not over.
  2. Being fearless. How many times in your life can you look back and say, “I was fearless.” Probably none. Fear is natural and impossible to avoid. However, you can act despite your fears, and I think that’s what this quote means. It’s not to be rid of fear altogether, but to move past your fears, past your comfort zone, into something better.
  3. The final pursuit. Once you have found your passion and you have faced your fears, what more is there to do than pursue the fire? Whatever reason you’re thinking of that will make this difficult, stop. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. So whether your path is being blocked by a boulder or a mountain, there’s nothing large enough to stop a person with a fire burning inside them.

Take some time to think, “where’s my fire?” It’s there, I promise. Maybe it’s something that may not be significant to others, but to you it’s your life – it’s what you feel your meant to do. Maybe you’re meant to help people, work with that. Maybe you’re meant to be a mom/dad, do it. Maybe you’re meant to be a writer or a photographer or even a sales person – go for it. When push comes to shove, the only person who is going to suffer from your lack of pursuit, is you.

Find your fire, and throw some fuel on it.

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