Tigger or Eeyore

An old teacher and dear friend of mine used to always tell the class about Tigger and Eeyore – both characters from Winnie the Pooh. Tigger is an exuberant tiger who bounces on his tail, talks a lot, and epitome of an optimist. Eeyore, however, is the opposite. Eeyore is a large donkey who mopes around, tail hanging low, and personifies pessimism. Both can go through the same circumstance throughout the story, but come out with entirely different attitudes. My teacher would then say, “I encourage you today to think, ‘am I going to be a Tigger? or an Eeyore?'”

tigger and eeyore

As the winter season drags on and the gloom that bestows everyday becomes never-ending, it’s easy for your mood to fit the weather – seasonal depression is a legitimate issue. But, ultimately, you decide whether or not you turn into a, um, donkey.

So go play in the snow. Binge watch movies with people you love. Drink some hot cocoa. Bounce on your a tail and choose, today and everyday, to be a Tigger.


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