Matching Socks

As the new year drags on and January continues to make its presence known through sub-zero temperatures and face-numbing wind, I can only imagine the struggle all over for people to maintain their New Years’ resolutions. The half-empty promises made at the beginning of each year in attempt to not only regain control of one’s life, but to also steer themselves in a different and better direction. Maybe it’s the dreary season or the fact that I’m still a student, but control isn’t something I feel I have a lot of. But as I was walking to the library to study yesterday I realized something, I was wearing matching socks!

If you’re a student, you know the feeling. If you’re not a student, you’ve at least been there – don’t lie. I know this is not in any way sound logic and there’s absolutely no way of proving it, but I honestly believe matching your socks can help to bring a little order to the chaos in your life. I once watched a video where a commencement speaker at the University of Texas said, “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.” Making your bed means starting each morning with a completed task and a small sense of pride. I would argue that you should follow this task by matching your socks. Not only will you be filled with a small sense of pride from making your bed but you will also feel a sense of “togetherness” knowing there is some order to what you’re wearing. And even if you have gone the whole day being pushed one way or the other and the control has been anything but your own, at least you can look down and say, “at least my socks are matching.”

Maybe you’re reading this and your laughing because you realize the absurdity of what I’m saying and that’s okay. Your socks are probably always matching so good for you, but there’s a reason for that… that’s all I’m trying to say. So this morning or any other morning I encourage you to make your bed, match your socks, and change the world.



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