The Better Machine

Last night I was watching the latest episode of the T.V. series This Is Us – a show about a functionally dysfunctional family and their everyday lives, from past to present. At the end of the episode, one of the characters, Randall, was talking about ‘The Better Machine.’ When he got fitted for glasses, he was put behind this machine with an array of lenses that he would have to look through until his vision was better.

I’ve never been fitted for glasses, nor will I have to anytime soon, but the concept behind this machine sparked an interest in me and got me thinking about life (shocker). A few weeks ago I was talking to my brother about ideologies and different ways of perceiving life. He was telling me about his ideologies as well as lifestyles of people all over the world and I was listening intently because I found everything he was saying to be genuinely interesting, even if I didn’t see life in the same way. I think, in a way, we all have our own ‘Better Machine.’ We learn more about life and we change angles of perception to better understand what we see every day. We do this so we can figure out what works for us and what doesn’t. What my brother was telling me was interesting, but it wasn’t how I wanted to live my life, so I switched lenses.

I’m not sure if we ever settle on a “better” that works for us, because in the same way  that eyesight changes and you have to get re-fitted, so do we. Maybe we spend our whole life switching from one lens to another looking for the better option. Nobody picks a lens that worsens their vision, you look for something that enhances it.

Keep looking for the better.


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