I can(t) do it!

Have you ever had those days where you wake up and the first thing to cross your mind is, “I can’t.” You know from the moment you pull yourself out of that blissful sleep and drag yourself out of bed to face the cold open air that today is not going to be your day. This morning, that was me. I woke up and was immediately more tired than I was when I fell asleep. Then I remembered the homework I had put off the night before, the writing I promised myself I would do but didn’t feel like doing, and the million other things I had on my list that needed to get done all before lunch. I just can’t. I went about my day in sweatpants and unbrushed hair and wrapped it up with a well-deserved nap, accomplishing little other than going to class.

I like to think these type of days are occurrences in lives other than my own. My friend and I talk a lot about motivation, and we do what we can to keep each other in check when it comes to keeping up our daily routines and being motivated. But the truth is, sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes the last thing you want to do is follow a schedule or be productive. The plans you had made the day before no longer seem appealing, while laying in your bed wallowing in self-pity sounds like a better plan for the day. I think on days like this, you need this “nothing” a lot more than you do “something.” Sometimes doing nothing is actually something. We have been wired to be in the mindset that something always needs to get done, and down-time is wasted time. But if you spend day after day accomplishing every task on your check-list and filling empty spaces with more tasks, you’re going to end up worn and tired.

Living life with by filling your days with “I can do it!”can be nice and feel rewarding, but sometimes the “I can’t do it!” days are just as important.




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