Shoot your shot

When I was planning my trip to Thailand this past summer, I was filled with an excitement that I can’t put accurately into words. After two years of work, saving, and dreaming, the day had finally come for me to buy my plane ticket and make the trip official. I remember my brother running upstairs to tell me I had to purchase tickets he had found online, and I had to get them now. But when I sat down at my computer to actually buy the tickets, I hesitated. For a split second, I questioned if this was actually something I wanted – I questioned if I was making the right choice or not.

I started to think about other times I had had this type of feeling: when I got baptized, when I committed to college, when I graduated – all important milestones in my life. Why, out of all the things I had experienced, did I most doubt the ones that brought me the most joy? For a while I felt guilty for feeling this way. I began to think that maybe I didn’t really want these things… maybe they just weren’t meant to be. But then I had a different thought: maybe these things filled me with the most doubt because they had the potential for the most joy.

Maybe we should stop letting hesitation or doubt prevent us from going after what we want. I would much rather have bought the plane ticket and hated the trip than save my money and never know. I would much rather have given my life to God and live free than never open up my heart at all. Stop spending your life running the ball but never shooting because you’re afraid you’ll miss.

Take the chance. Shoot your shot.


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