Follow the Prompt

In the women’s bible study I go to, we’re reading a book called “The Best Yes,” by Lysa Terkeurst (ladies, this is a must read). The book is all about hearing God in the midst of the chaos that is our lives. Last night, we talked about something that I think is huge in our every day lives: we talked about the importance of listening to that little voice in your head, even if it feels like you’ll be sacrificing something else to obey it. Here’s what I mean:

Have you ever been doing something, be it shopping, walking, or just going about your day as usual, and you feel prompted to do an act of kindness? Maybe it’s just picking up a piece of trash and throwing it away. Maybe it’s paying for the person in line behind you. Maybe it’s something small like smiling or saying hi to someone as you pass them. Either way, you feel like this is something you should do but, for whatever reason, you don’t do it. You’re in a hurry, and picking up that trash would have just slowed you down. You’re trying to save money, so paying for the next person in line, as nice as it is, will just have to wait. Whatever your reason is, you hush that voice inside your head and keep going. That voice can wait.

But kindness can’t wait. I know it seems like a sacrifice and I know sometimes you genuinely can’t do the thing you wish you could do, but the opportunity will always come again to do good and it’s so important that you take that opportunity. I believe wholeheartedly in the butterfly effect: one thing even as small as the flap of a butterfly wing can have a great impact on the other side of the world. The next time you feel prompted to do good, don’t look at it as a sacrifice. Look at it as you being obedient and doing exactly the thing it takes to change the world. I think a lot of times, we think God is the first voice we hear, when really he’s the second. The first voice is the one with the nasty thought about someone else or the “I wonder what would happen if I just…” voice. But God comes in later, and says in almost a whisper, “no, think this. Do this. Do good.”

Don’t wait. Do good. Follow the prompt.


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