Thursday = April

Most people I know hate Mondays. The first day of the week brings a somber mood and leaves people desperate for coffee and/or a nap as the week starts off slow. But for me, it’s Thursdays that I hate. Mondays aren’t bad, because they get the week going and I start feeling productive after what was most likely an unproductive weekend, but Thursdays I can do without. To be honest, they’re such a tease – so close to the weekend but not close enough. It’s just not my favorite day.

April is the Thursday of the school-year.

Only a few weeks left until the semester is over and group projects, essays, and exams are piling up as if the teachers are desperate to give students work and the students are eager to receive it. Now that the sun is coming out and it no longer feels like we’re living in a snow-globe, summer feels just within reach. And boy, am I ready to reach out for it. But despite what feels like an overwhelming amount of items on my to-do list and an underwhelming amount of time to do them all, I keep pushing on because I know the weekend is just around the corner (or, for the sake of this analogy, summer).

We just need to keep on keeping on because every day has the potential for goodness, and therefore (say it with me), it’s a good day for a good day.


p.s. – If you haven’t already, please check out my last post, GoFundMe, to help support my trip to Egypt next January!



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