Good enough

Some of the greatest advice I ever received was from my high school band/choir director. “Whatever you do, never, ever settle” she would always tell us. Never settle for relationships. Never settle for reaching goals. Never settle for “good enough.” Life is full of too many wonderful opportunities to settle for something that doesn’t fully meet your expectations.

On the other hand, this advice also served as some of the hardest to follow. The problem with never settling is that sometimes the waiting seems to be too much, and settling for the option right in front of you seems better than waiting for something more. Or maybe you don’t always feel you have a choice – you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place and no matter what you do, you’re left with “good enough.” But I truly believe life doesn’t have to be full of “good enoughs.”

People lose sight of their dreams because when their dreams don’t seem to be lining up with the reality they’re facing, they lower the bar just enough to justify the loss. But the thing about waiting seasons is that we’re supposed to be doing just that – waiting. I’ll be the first to admit that when the waiting gets to be too much, I’ll throw in the towel and take what I can get. After all, beggars can’t be choosers, right? But how many times do we have to do that before the stories we tell about our dreams become past tense? Before they go from “someday” to “I remember when…?”

Settling will only be an option as long as you make it one. The thing you’re waiting for is just past this waiting season. So, whatever you do, never, ever settle.


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