Patience in the Present

Two weeks. I have two weeks until my first year of college is over, and while most of my friends are counting down the days and rejoicing in the soon-to-be summer break, I’m a little less thrilled. As my first year comes to an end and I’m planning the years to come, I’m starting to realize just how short my time here at this college will be.

I’m very excited for the future. I have so many incredible things planned that I can’t wait to start putting into action, and while I want so desperately to countdown to those amazing adventures, I’m constantly reminding myself to be present here and now. I hate that everybody (myself included) gets so caught up in what’s about to be that we get impatient with the present. There are worse things in life than a little bit of waiting, so why not learn to enjoy the waiting while it’s happening?

Whether you’re waiting for summer, a new opportunity, or an adventure, take some time every once in a while to take a deep breath and look around at the moment you’re in. We all know how fast time can pass and how often we’re left missing something because we didn’t take the time to appreciate it as much as we could while we had it. So just be present. Be patient. The future will always get here eventually.


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