On to the Next

2018 has taught me a lot and while I’ve been writing about the lessons I have learned all year, I wanted to summarize the ones that have stood out to me the most over these past twelve months. Some of these I plan on expanding on in the future, but here’s a brief re-cap/preview for the time being…

It’s taught me that dreams can change and while that can be scary, sometimes leaving the comfort of what you’ve always known will open you up to something more fit for you. People change, so it’s only right that our passions change along with us.

It’s taught me that there is a lesson in everything. Actually, a friend of mine helped me realize this; she always asks herself “what is this trying to teach me?” and I think that’s a beautiful thing.

It’s taught me to be thankful for everyone in my life… and to even be thankful for the ones who left. Time is precious and I would never want to look back with a bitter heart – the love I have for everyone in and out of my life is, was, and will always be real.

It’s taught me about the power of vulnerability. I made a conscious decision this year to embrace vulnerability and while I may have gotten burned a few times, I am confident that as I venture into the next year, I will have a better understanding of who I am and what’s in my heart.

But most importantly, it’s taught me that things will always be okay. There were days where I thought I would never breathe again and I truly couldn’t see a way out of what I was going through. Sometimes I still feel that way. But then I wake up the next morning and I read a note from my mom that she had left for me the night before, or I get a text from my dad wishing me a good day and letting me know he loves me, or I laugh at work with friends both old and new, or I sing as loud as I can in the car by myself unashamed of the wrong notes or missed beats, and in the midst of all of that I realize that I will be okay.

I look forward to the lessons 2019 will teach me and I am thankful for every person, opportunity, and love that has made this year so incredible.

Time to move on; a new year awaits.

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