It's finals week here at school, but rather than spending hours in the library reviewing notes or going through loads of flash cards with friends, all my mind seems to know how to do right now is look back on the year I've had. Whenever people ask me if I'm enjoying school or if I'm [...]

Good enough

Good enough

Some of the greatest advice I ever received was from my high school band/choir director. "Whatever you do, never, ever settle" she would always tell us. Never settle for relationships. Never settle for reaching goals. Never settle for "good enough." Life is full of too many wonderful opportunities to settle for something that doesn't fully [...]


When I was in second grade, each student had their time in the spotlight when they were featured as "Student of the Week." After their name was chosen randomly, they got the excitement of having a board in the room dedicated to them full of pictures and information about themselves, as well as a book [...]