My dreams have always had a way of tearing me down. They come through each day like a wave and with my eyes open I watch as the things around me get worn and washed away, and then the wave comes back and does it all again. I’ve watched this cycle for as long as [...]


The Test of Fire

For some reason, I’ve been seeing a lot of side-by-side success stories from people who I have admired for their openness and vulnerability. People have been posting extreme highs and lows at a point in time on their journey – photos of them with swollen eyes and splotchy faces as they wrap up a mental [...]



There are two interpretations of what Jesus said while he was on the cross that I often hear. One is "Lord, forgive them for they know not what they've done." The other is "Lord, why oh why have you forsaken me?" Now, I think we can all agree that those are two very different reactions [...]